Some of you may know me VERY well. Maybe I have been in your home before?  Some of you may kind-of-sort-of know me?  Then, there are you, my friends………Whom may be hearing about me for the first time! Let me tell you, I am kind of a big deal. Shout out to Pinterest for helping with my popularity.  I’ve seen the #tags of your desired kitchens…..and a lot of them are of white countertops. And that is where I come into play.  I am a SOLID choice (pun intended)if you want a uniform look with a “no surprise in variations” countertops…….I am HERE for YOU! However, I am so much more than a color.  I actually have quite eclectic taste.  You can find me in all different colors, patterns, and sizes.  You may also find that I am “manufactured” in different areas around the world.  Yes, I am man-made. Which means I have qualities about me that some find appealing….because I am consistent. Not 100%…..but close to it. There are some things about me that you need to be informed of…..

Be aware that the heat may break me, literally.  I am heat resistant…NOT heat proof! Because I am made of a multitude of products, natural quartz, dyes, and resins, you need to be more protective of me.  You will need to use “trivets” to protect me from crockpots, electric fryers, hot pans, etc. If direct heat IS applied, the resin in the material may break, and that is NOT good!  In addition to being heat resistant, I am also scratch and stain resistant.  I may dull your knives if you cut on me,  and you could scratch me with a sharp object  if you take the wrong approach! Lastly, if you spill on me, don’t take any chances.  I could stain if left to fend for myself for too long! Side note: I rarely have any of these issues….I’m just an “upfront” kind-of stone.

I am pretty perfect as is, but sometimes I have to be “manipulated” to fit the needs of my environment. This requires cutting me and putting me back together.   The one thing most people are concerned about with solid quartz are the seams.  I don’t like them either! I have friends in the business (aka Elegant Creations) that will help you determine the best supplier to choose for material to eliminate seams at all cost.  If you’re choosing new cabinets…..ask the designer to NOT exceed any run/island that is in excess of 128″.  MOST suppliers do not manufacture slabs larger than 130″.  If a seam IS required, the programmers, fabricators, and installers will use their expertise to determine the best placement and the best color match adhesive to make it as least noticeable as possible.

If you would like to come meet me in person, I welcome you to visit Elegant Creations.  They have 6 towers of “mini versions” of me in their showroom(HanStone, SileStone, Daltile, Zeal, Vicostone, and Q-Quartz).  There are also a half dozen full slabs in the Warehouse!   #checkmeout