When you are investing in a high quality countertop, one area to NOT cut-corners in is the sink. There are many materials that are used in sinks. We recommend a heavy duty stainless steel or granite composite. We sell both Blanco and Solera sinks for Kitchen, Laundry, Bar, and Bath.



Our patented sink material is stronger and more durable than other sink surfaces. There is no risk of thermal shock and SILGRANIT will not blister, burn, melt or discolor from heat. With it’s non-porous, food-safe surface, it has the ability to push away liquids and residue resulting in a low maintenance, long-lasting material.


QUALITY MATERIALS Solera’s line of stainless steel sinks uses high quality 304-grade cold-rolled steel, which means that every sinks that Solera manufactures is made to be as durable as ever. The stainless steel contains 18% Chromium and 8-10% nickel, allowing for a rust-proof sink material. Because this stainless steel is very moldable, Solera is able to achieve many designs and styles to fit any decor. The growing popularity of stainless steel in modern homes is something that Solera recognizes, which is why they are continuously adding new sink models to their entire collection.